Turnkey, Cobot, Machine Integrators

All Axis Robotics is dedicated to integrating turnkey, collaborative robots solutions into all standard ma-chine shop or other manufacturing operations. Specifically our solutions are designed to maximize ROI for every type of machine shop or manufacturing operation…especially those who classify themselves as a high mix / low volume facility.

CNC Machine Tending, Sanding Deburring and Part Marking

The majority of our machine installations have been for CNC machine tending, part sanding and debur-ring, part marking, CMM Automation and brake press machine tending. Our installation experience in-cludes the ability to automate both new and legacy equipment.

Robotic Hardware Support

Our installation service includes one of two types of different types of standardized robotic pedestals or sleds. In addition, we will provide standardized part grippers to pick up and place the part both be-fore and after machining. Should a custom end-effector be required due to the geometry of the part or limitations on how the part can may be handled, we will design and build the custom gripper for your application. We already have off-the-shelf solutions for robotic arm extenders and pneumatic jaws and parts presentation trays.

Experienced Automation / Mechanical Implementation Team

Our robotic installation / design team consists of experienced machinists, manufacturing engineers and automation engineers who will evaluate the best solution for your installation. Our robotic installations have been field tested resulting in a robust deployment inside of machine shop or manufacturing facilities.

Automated Burr/FOD and Defect Detection System

All Axis Robotics developed a unique Burr / FOD and defect detection inspection system (patent pending) for those parts that need to be certified as free from burr’s, rolled edges and FOD. The sys-tem can automatically inspect both blind and thru holes and walls for defects eliminating manual visual inspection methods. It can also inspect for and detect missing hardware and gasket defects. See back cover for more details.