All Axis Robotics is dedicated to integrating turnkey, collaborative robotic solutions into all standard machine shops, sheet metal or other manufacturing operations. Specifically, our solutions are designed to maximize return on investment especially for those facilities that classify themselves as a high mix / low volume facility.

Custom and Standard off-the-shelf Robotic Hardware Support

  • Robotic Pedestals and Riser for mounting robots

  • Robotic Sleds with 7th Axis movement

  • Parts Gripper

  • Custom End Effectors for required for part geometry manipulation during pick & place operations.

  • 3D printed fixtures for part alignment 

  • Robotic Arm Extenders

  • Pneumatic

  • Force Detection sensors

  • Parts Presentation Trays

  • Pneumatic Jaws.

Our installation service includes one of two types of different types of standardized robotic pedestals

H Pedestal - no ur.jpg
"H" Pedestals

Standard "H" Pedestal with Riser and Parts Tray. A wide range of turnkey standard and customer pedestals and integrated risers for mounting cobots in front of any machine or operation for pick and place or load and unload operations. Optional casters easily allow the pedestal to be moved to other locations as well as Anti-Rotation Floor Mounts.

7th Axis Sleds

Machine Tending 7th Axis Sleds - Fixed, Manual and  Motorized. A wide range of standard and customer low profile sleds and risers for cobots to be mounted in front of any machine or operation for pick and place or load and unload. Optional 7th axis sled allows robot to be temporarily moved to access inside of machine for maintenance. Fixed, Manual and Motorized sled options.

caster and anti rotation.jpg
Floor Mounts

Anti-Rotation / Skid Floor Mounts and Casters.
These anti-rotation/skid mounts (patent pending) prevents a cobot that is mounted to either a work-station or sled/pedestal keeps it from moving during operations or inadvertent bumping. They lock the system in x-y-z axis. No concrete drilling is required. May be unlocked to move or replace the existing pedestal or riser or work-station.

Custom Mounting

These 45° angled adaptor plate allows a cobot to be mounted on a pedestal extending its reach over what is possible with horizontally mount-ed cobots. This systems also helps to reduce and eliminate singularity errors.

DualGripper 2.jpg
End Effectors

Dual-gripper, carbon fiber end effectors design to reduce overall system weight allowing increased robotic payloads. Standard and Custom Designs along with quick connect and disconnect features make for rap-id and productive tool changes.

Robotic Controllers

This is a universal bridge controller is situated be-tween the primary machine and the cobot. This allows a permanent connection between the machine and our controller and a 1-wire connection to the cobot to improve portability. Also connects to company IT network for program down-loads and status. Patent Pending